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Mercer is a leader in the health and benefits marketplace, globally. We deliver innovative solutions that address the health and wellness needs of our clients and their employees. Whether your organization is a small business, a domestic employer, or a large multinational firm, we can deliver a comprehensive array of health and benefits solutions. We provide access to local market experts as well as national and international resources that advise on regulatory compliance and innovative benefit strategies. It is the depth of our knowledge combined with our disciplined consulting approach that makes us an ideal partner.

Wherever your employees are hard at work, we’ll start by understanding your business objectives. Together, we will establish a thoughtful strategy for delivering extraordinary benefits.

Strategy First to Optimize Benefits

At Mercer, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Working closely, we help you understand the current market dynamics, identify your goals and pain points, and then develop a tailored strategy to meet your business needs. Our approach delivers real-world solutions using Mercer-proprietary tools.

Mercer Marsh Benefits

For organizations outside the US, Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) provides a consultative broking approach in over 135 countries. MMB’s approach provides:

  • Measureable ROI for benefits programs through data-driven analysis and negotiations.
  • A better understanding of your employee profile and what benefits employees value through smarter benefits design.
  • Strategic structure and an approach to benefits management that creates long-term sustainability.


Best Practices and Better Service

We work with clients of all sizes, from small local businesses to large multinational organizations. Our extensive experience allows us to identify best practices and scale them to meet your needs, no matter where in the world you are.

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*Solutions and proprietary tools may not be available in all geographies.

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Our Key Services

Private Health Exchange

Mercer Marketplace offers the largest slate of benefits products and carrier options available. The website provides a comprehensive set of tools and educational guides.

Health care costs are rising around the globe, forcing organizations of all types to take a close look at their benefits programs. Adopting a private health exchange is an increasingly popular way of mitigating this rapid inflation.  Mercer Marketplace℠ is a private exchange solution developed for US organizations  that wish to strengthen employee engagement, reduce costs, and simplify their benefits administration. Mercer offers the largest range of benefits products and carrier options available—a true marketplace for benefits. 

Employee Benefits

Mercer’s experience allows us to provide a more strategic approach to employee benefits design while helping clients minimize risk, optimize benefit structure, and maximize employee engagement.

Forces at play are mandating sweeping changes in the design and shape of your organization’s employee benefits plan. Total annual benefits costs per employee continue to outpace both workers’ earnings and inflation, while new legislation and regulations add layers of complexity and additional expense. On top of all that, a shortage of critical talent is adding pressure to offer competitive benefits that will attract key employees.

Global Benefits

Mercer can help multinational and international organizations deliver employee benefits that provide economy, efficiency, and consistency globally, allow local divisions to compete for critical talent, attract expats, and retain key employees.

Global organizations are a vast mosaic of local divisions, each with its own unique benefits needs. Mercer can help multinationals deliver employee benefits that provide economy, efficiency, and consistency across the globe yet allow local divisions to compete for critical talent, attract expats, and retain key employees.

Health Benefits Administration

Health benefits administration with Mercer allows HR departments to deliver health and retirement programs that are competitive, cost-effective, and compliant with new legislation.

In the ever-changing landscape of employee benefits, delivering health and retirement benefits that are competitive, cost-effective, and compliant with new legislation takes vigilance and expertise. Engaging Mercer to administer your health benefits allows your HR department to weather the changes while keeping your strategic mission on course.

Affinity Benefits

Associations are born of the highest of ideals — to serve their members. For 65 years, Mercer Affinity has been helping associations meet their goals and fulfill their missions.

The members of every association are distinct and unique, and Mercer Affinity can customize a benefits package to suit your members’ exact needs. Through a thorough analysis of your program, we’ll engage leading insurers and help build high-value, high-performance benefits. We currently provide tailored benefits to more than 350 associations.

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