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Mercer Melbourne Global Pension Index

The Index is produced through a collaboration between Mercer, and ACFS, an independent not-for-profit research centre, with funding provided by the Victorian Government as part of its ongoing support for leadership in the pension and superannuation industry.

Can Pension Systems Keep Delivering?

The provision of financial security in retirement is critical for individuals and societies as most countries are now grappling with social, economic and financial effects of ageing populations. The major causes of demographic shift are declining birth rates and increasing longevity, which are placing financial pressure on pension systems. The Melbourne Mercer Global Pension index, now in its seventh year, provides a comparison of the many and varied systems around the world. This year the index also analyses trends in sustainability indicators over recent years.

Calculating the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index

The Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index uses a multi-pillar approach to compare retirement income systems.


There is no perfect pension system that can be applied universally, but there are many common features that can be shared for better outcomes.

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